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Monkey Swimmers Armband

Monkey Swimmers

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The ingenious new armband!

Monkey Swimmers is a unique patented design that exceeds British European and Australian safety standards. The system offers a unique patented design that allows you to remove layers as your child grows in water confidence in a safe and controlled way. Designed and manufactured in the UK and made from non-toxic, soft foam, the layered design means they're slim and more comfortable to move arms freely in the water.

Monkey Swimmers have multiple removable concentric layers. This patented design results in a super slim armband ensuring that your child can move his/her arms freely which enhances the learning to swim process. As your child gains confidence you can reduce the buoyancy by taking a layer off!

Each layer is numbered so as you take a layer off you can track your little monkeys development by filling out the progress chart. Each layer corresponds to a different stage on the progress chart.

More than just armbands

Monkey Swimmers come with the children's story book, Monkeys Can't Swim, the illustrated story about how Monkey Swimmers were invented in the jungle and some great facts about the rainforest and our environment.

A fold out progress chart is also supplied with the product which makes the whole experience even more fun and is a lovely keepsake.

The kit comes complete with a colourful Monkey Swimmers branded swim bag.

Monkey Swimmers are made from super soft recyclable foam.

Safe and comfortable

Monkey Swimmers incorporate the latest Patented Swimming Technology resulting in what is the slimmest, safest and most comfortable swimming aid ever developed.

Monkey Swimmers will softly but securely grip the arm, even over wet shirts, and provide a cushioned, comfortable and very secure fit for children aged 1-6.

The Monkey Swimmers design exceeds Australian, British and European swimming product safety standards.

Putting on your Monkey Swimmers

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