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NeoIBear 300 MEG


  • ₱4,87000

Finally a Bear that keeps you safe!

NEOIBear 300 Mobile Electronic Guardian (MEG) is a cute little Bear phone that allows your children to call you anytime and allows parents to hear and monitor child's situation at a push of a button

  • Both Parents are working and the children are in the care of a nanny, helper, childcare? Do you really know what your children are doing? How are they being treated? In these days it is very important to have control in YOUR hands, no matter when, where and how
  • Perhaps calling it a mobile phone is misleading - the NeoIBear 300 is more of a hybrid between a baby monitor and an ultra-simple handphone. The NeoIBear 300 can only dial four pre-programmed numbers, or send a pre-programmed SMS message to four different recipients
  • This simplified GSM handset is aimed at children between the ages of 3 - 10 years old


  • 1 battery
  • the Neoi C-Card USB Universal Charger
  • Neck Band
  • 3 changeable Skins

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