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Kurtis Pram Curtain, Sun Shade for Strollers, Panda Rose

Kurtis Baby Peace

  • ₱2,39500

Pram curtain - the perfect accessory to help your baby fall asleep anywhere

Kurtis pram curtain helps your baby go to sleep in the stroller wherever you are, in the town, on the bus or train, when you go shopping, on your walks, simply in all situations imaginable. Kurtis pram curtain is very easy to use, fits all kinds of prams & strollers and on carseats.

The best protection for your baby

Kurtis Baby Peace is a pram curtain that easily attaches to the hood of your pram or pushchair, shielding your baby from bright light, disturbing visual elements and the sun. Kurtis pram curtain also makes a great sun protector. The fabric blocks out an amazing 99% UVA and UVB radiation. The pram curtain is designed to hang loose, which allows you to provide good air circulation for your baby.

On hot days you can use the product as a sun canopy . You simply attach the pram curtain to the handlebar of your pram with the two extra rings that are included.

A smooth sun protector which fits all pram & strollers

The ring attachment enables you to slide the curtain sideways to provide the coverage you need for your child. You can easily check on your baby at any time. The strings on the sides can be used to fasten the curtain when it's windy.

This product is made in Europe and meets all European safety standards.
Made from 100% Organic Cotton, BPA free plastic & non toxic handprint.

HOW TO WASH: Wash with similar colours in 40°C. Do not tumble dry. Do not stretch the fabric around the eyelets when wet. Iron warm.

Never totally cover your pram. This is especially important in a hot climate as it will increase temperatures and decrease air circulation, this will cause danger to the baby inside the pram. On very hot days always stay in the shade. Remember never to leave your baby unattended and always ensure there is good air circulation.

  • Blocks out 99% UVA &UVB
  • Fits all prams &strollers
  • Easy to attach / detach
  • Open at the sides for great air circulation
  • can be used with more or less coverage
  • Easy to check on the baby
  • Multifunctional, can be used as sun canopy
  • Fits on car seat
  • Can be used as nursing cover
  • Made from 100 % OrganicCotton
  • Toxic free print and plastic details.

Kurtis Pram & Stroller Curtain

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