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Tonga Sling Baby Carrier


  • ₱2,37000

French-made baby sling carrier!

Moms can easily nurse their little ones easily in this sling and stylish enough for dads to use as well. The beach hammock-like design, inspired by fishing nets is strong and flexible. It takes on the shape of the carrier and the child making it breathable, lightweight, and perfect for the hot summers.

  • Convenient and compact, just fold and keep in purse or back pocket of jeans until needed.
  • Designed to carry babies up to 33 lbs. (15 kilos)
  • Baby must be able to support his/her own neck which happens approximately around 3 to 4 months of age (for full term babies)
  • Made of Non-Toxic colors and 100% cotton
  • Made in France

Size Chart

Small - 58cm to 62cm

Medium - 63cm to 67cm

Large - 68cm to 72cm

Extra Large - 73cm to 77cm

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